Thursday, July 09, 2015

Just About Ready to Launch

It has been a headache. A journey. A wallet cleaner. A commitment made and un-made. Just one more item I have to do and then it will be launch time.

This is the podcast logo I'm going with at the moment:

I've been through a bunch of them. Some fug ugly and some that were conceptually good but when I blew them up to the required 1400x1400 size they looked awful.

And then there is the change to 3000x3000 that just came into effect by Apple.

Yes. Okay.

I have bought microphones. I am up to my hips in microphones. If you are remotely thinking about podcasting go ahead and buy the Audio Technica podcasting microphones. Especially if you want you voice to have some solidity to it.

What else?


The fear of making a fool of myself. Of making mistakes. Of having people jump down my throat for making a mistake. That one isn't an unreasonable fear. I was watching a tech show and the two hosts did not know the type of material the item was made of; they thought maybe it was plastic, or metal or something.

Mind you they were reviewing the product. The comment were rough. Yes, they should have known what they had in their hands but they were roasted for not doing their homework before the show.

Here is the thing. It wasn't a serious "tech review show." But dang if the jackals didn't circle around the campfire.

I don't want to know people that leave that type of comments. Ever.

Yet they say put you azz on the line and give it a good.

They are right.

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