Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Status Report - The Fish Are Traveling

I'm still working on the not so secret project. I'm trying to create a limited series podcast on mental health and anxiety spectrum issues. I have everything I need but time. Actually, I have that too but allocating enough time is a challenge.

Just when I think I've nailed it down I learn something new that has to be included.There are now apps that help folks manage or control their anxiety. It is a freaking free for all with all kinds of players and dang near no regulation. And there is new fangled eletro-stimulation type devices and tele-mental health treatment, both valid and bogus.

I guess one of my challenges is to make a clear definition of anxiety. There is everyday anxiety, situational anxiety and then you got your Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders classification no doubt about it you are somewhere rock solid on the Anxiety/Panic Disorder Spectrum.


I have to hook up with a podcasting distribution service and a few others things. Like finish writing the frigging scripts and then it is on to putting it out there.


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