Sunday, March 22, 2015

Racking Up the Numbers

It was a good day. I had cake for breakfast. Once a year you should have cake for breakfast if you want. Or sushi. Or a smoothie. Maybe not at the same time.

Yesterday I took photos. Walking around the southland just seeing what there was to see. No reason just because I really like taking photos and it seems that I don't make enough time for that anymore.

Well, I shouldn't say there wasn't a reason. My goal was to take 57 photos.

Looking at color, form, what is and isn't being sad about a piece of steel. I walked and had a Metro day pass so I was hoping on and off, turning corners I hadn't been to in a while and checking out the doings of the world around me.

I started with Instagram but I find it hard to take a photo and type on a screen. I'm still learning how to use it. No need to ridicule; my prior phones couldn't install Instatgram and I held onto one of those phones for 6 years.

I won't post all of the photos but I have some nice shots. And I missed blogging. Messing around too much on Twitter. Naw, I can't blame Twitter. It has been hard being connected to social media. There is a level of hostility and flat out cruelty that is mind boggling.

Factor in overt and covert racism being flung proud as a freak flag and I've just about withdrawn from many paths of commentary. There are fewer places where women can express themselves without being threatened.

I'm about to jump back with a new project. Still in beta.

Yeah. My life in beta.

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