Thursday, February 26, 2015

Flops, Failures and Limited Success

I have not blogged for weeks. I've been working on a project. I'm in suck mode at the moment. Just when I think I have a glimmer I fall down. It is so frustrating!

I'm trying to create short videos about anxiety and panic disorders. I have to be accurate, not dull, not boring and meet certain literacy requirements. I want to restrict how much editing and tweaking I have to do on it. I'm using Adobe Voice for composition.

When I look at other information graphic videos it isn't good enough. I'm using Adobe Voice, not Adobe After Effects. I know that.

Now, having Anne Lamott in my Twitter stream is a very good thing. She talks about this all the time. Bang it out, bring it into the world and then dress it up. Put your butt on the chair and write.

So the internal hater is working overtime to not let me move on. I'm posting this here because I'm going to try again to create something helpful and watchable. Or something.

The success of this day is that I do have something to show. I think it could be better but that is down the road a bit.  I feel like Edison with bulb number 48.

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