Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Health Literacy 101 Project - Rx Prototype Video

This is the prototype that I created for my health literacy class. I have some ideas that health literacy could be improved by using social media apps. One of my goals is to introduce this option to information workers, librarians and other content creators that need to make content quickly.

My other goals were:
  • Be a friendly nudge on checking prescription label information.
  • Keep it simple while conveying the four main points .
  • Create it totally in the app; that wasn't possible because there is no captioning in Adobe Voice. I had to use Camtasia for open captioning the video.

The video was created using the Adobe Voice app on the iPad. As of this date, there is no direct to video export. After you upload the video to the Adobe site you can obtain the embed the video.

Now theoretically, you could use software like SnagIt or Camtasia to screen record the audio and video and then bring them into your video editing program of choice.

Theoretically speaking.

And I hear that there are a number of free and web based screen recording programs as well.

Anyway if you are here from the class and you have any questions please ask and I'll respond as soon as I can.

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