Sunday, November 09, 2014

Books, Bread and Soul Work

I may have misread a sentence. I thought it said that books do soul work. It didn't. But it isn't unreasonable to think so; there are books that do soul damage under the guise of being right, being authentic or being the other and the other is always in power mode over the lesser.

I know that there are books for me that got me to this point in life. I needed to know that there was something other than what I was currently experiencing. Science fiction and adventure books carried me down the road.

These days I consume paper books, audiobooks, podcasts and other ways to keep me steady and on the path of ...

Well, on the path. That path leads to temptation. No immediate access to a book or spoken word recording could lead a person to seek oral gratification.

This is a dangerous place for carbo-holics. Bread, bread products, pastries, cakes and more stuff. It is still new in town and they are still knocking out the kinks but dang it I've been twice and trying hard not to make it three times in a month.

It is not the best bakery but it has tasty treats and is affordable. Now me, I liked the Squid ink bread ball. I also liked the chocolate then bread then chocolate then coffee and then something else bread ball.

Then there was this:

Never mind the super sized Ding Dong, which was just dandy, those creme puffs had actual cream; more cream that puff. I'm talking if you eat a loaded creme puff in the company of men folk they will get distracted watching you trying to eat said cream puff.

I may have shared too much.

Now I know I have to eat more responsibly. I try. I voluntarily eat veggies. I cut back on the fat when I remember. But it has been a hard week. Stupid people to the left and idiots on the right.

I want solace. I want comfort. I want more cream puffs!

And I can't have any more. I've exceeded the oral gratification budget for the week and probably month. I now need to hunker down and do some of that soul work like write; trying to figure out how to do my health literacy final project and do laundry.

Why am I always doing laundry?

Laundry can be soul work but you have to be willing. It takes time and acknowledgment of responsibility. And, as I was reminded this week, Americans talk a lot of shit but are unwilling to step up and do the do.

 I may be a little angry.

I need a book.

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