Sunday, August 31, 2014

Flip the Script, Chip Away and Go Forth

I've laid low because I had some pain issues to work out. You shouldn't type when you have a need to f-this and the sumbitch that regurgitated pile of dried ....

Yeah, still may not be time but I am working on ideas to make into reality. In my inner rage to damning a good chunk of humanity to hell I started to to think about those people that don't need to go wayyy down south. What can we do?

There is always something to do.

Now what can we do to invoke a change? Networking is good. Meeting in real life with like minded but different folks is also good. Most of the time politics ain't worth shinola to me but I think I have a change of mind.

We need to sneak up and kick asses out of our local and state legislatures. Federal too with a bit of networking. 

Back in August, Cynthia Lui invited me to a political networking and information meet up in San Jose. I went because I wanted to hear about the doing in health care and stayed around for some of the other stuff. One of the business cards I got was for The Plus1 Project. Very simple idea. Take somebody with you to the mid-term November 4, 2014 elections.

I say let's snatch the sucker from them. From city to federal. The hate is so high they will not expect it from us. Fox Vomit has already declared African Americans as a less than model minority group.

I say we roll with it and make Fox weep again come election night. Rope a dope 2014.

So this is a prototype of an idea. Imperfect. Each time I see it I see another mistake. But it is in fixed form. The next one will be better. And so on. We can't wait. Ain't no leader is going to fix this.

We as a community will force an answer one way or the other. 

There is an old song from the Impressions. called "We're A Winner. There is a lyric in the song that says "just keep on your leaders tell you to."

There are real leaders that put their foot on the ground every day. There are leaders that teach, heal, politic on the public behalf and even some in the entertainment industry that understand what time it is. There are people that take journalism seriously.

And then you got other media carpetbag proclaimed leaders that feast on rays of radio or television lights. They switch into assimilation mode. I have to speak correctly, dress correctly, be employed and have never, ever done anything wrong. Then and only then will we believe you.

Ask Charles Belk how he feels about that ish.

Not going to spend too much time with the modern children of Dathan. They are showing themselves but the rest of us are going forward.  Chip away at the crud and let's get going.

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