Friday, May 23, 2014

Like the Song Says...

When I first saw the original music Divinyls video I thought at first it might be a step too far. Might have even thought it was vulgar. I had to think about why...which lead me to read books about re-claiming sexuality and being entitled to expression.

Which you might think that would be solidified if you cross 18 years of life.  Oh no. No, no. No.
Probably I should show you what I am talking about:

It was one of the first commercial Roscoe Palmer songs that couldn't be shoved into a hidden corner. If you are of a certain age in MTV years you leaned that the song was an anthem for releasing pressure.

The more I heard it, the more I liked it -- except for the part about waiting for said person to come back. What if you don't have anybody? That was more me than the song.

It took a while to work that out. There is a lot of cultural mal-information that says you don't, you do, you don't, get married, you stand in the corner and be a sin vessel. The original videos has 7 million plus views on the official YouTube channel.

Tis the end of National Masturbation Month 2014. I can understand how it got past you. Horrors to the left, foolishness on the right (not talking politically but spatially) and cabin fever has taken root.

Time marches on.

Chrissy Amphlett, the singer of the song, passed away from breast cancer a while back.

Her friends and family wanted to honor her memory by using the song as a motivator to get women and men to do self-examinations. It seems to be an Australian campaign but learn what you can.

If you find cancer early you can stop it early. It is still difficult to get people to touch themselves; even for health. Even to save their lives.

Fear of actually finding something. Fear of lack of access to healthcare and treatment. Religious bug a boos about touching your own dang body.

Ay. What fools these mortals be.

This is no joke to me. I had an aunt die of breast cancer. It doesn't take that long to inspect your ta-tas, the arm pits and related surface matter. I also think you should inspect the lower quarters for things that shouldn't be there as well.

Again, a hard sell. Being a willing participant of maintaining your life by touching your organs and appendages.

So I have posted both videos. Pick one or both videos and act like you got some sense.

Touch yourself.

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