Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Found My Carp Caviar

I feel like an automaton. Even when I get down time there is stuff to do. Which I don't always do. So I have a pound of writing back-up in my head yet I somehow manage to subscribe to British Pathe.

Which will not explain the above video. In the videoblogging group there was a guy, I think was named Phillip. What he use to do was deconstruct old 1970ish "tactile fortified" movies.

He would alter the sound, colors aspect ratios so that it wouldn't look like the original work but it would be transformed into something else. I like abstract art and video art. So when Wreck and Salvage proposed a collection of videos around the theme of Carp Caviar it seemed like a natural to me.

I don't know why.

Well, yeah I do. We have been experiencing a food as art and food as a nurturing drug of choice. It can be entertainment like Iron Chef. It can be a competition.

And goodness knows we fetish food in advertisments.

Why not Carp Caviar?

So I squeezed out this little bundle of ... something. I'm pleased that it is just as confusing and uncomfortable to wrap a feeling around it. 

Life is not neat and tidy. We smooth it out as best we can. And we pile up on what we learn so that we take a step forward.

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