Sunday, April 06, 2014

Dealing With My Zags

I'm a little ticked at myself. I was trying to get to the Taco Cook-off in Grand Park. There is a Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles. However, the festivities was on Grand Avenue. I was three streets below where I needed to be.

It happens when I speed plan on what I want to do and then wind up doing something else.

So I went to the Grand Central Market again and picked up a bag of just about but not quite over the hills strawberries, and avocados.  You can get a lot of veggies for a dollar but it is up to you to transform them quickly before the end time.

Next decision is to Hop Wu or not to Hop Wu. I have no self control in that restaurant. Instead, I hop a bus to Union Station where I spend time trying to see things I miss as I'm running for a train.

Besides, still grieving for those tacos.

I know I'm going to get a comment on the Tube about what the hell is it? It is an attempt at a visual haiku. It is a meditation on travel, color, seeing and not seeing.It is also an attempt to put into practice one of the things I learned in the workshop. Be still. Take time to get the shot and a bit more.

Ideally, you should hold for 10 seconds but I'm a jitterbug. I need to build up to the 10 seconds so this is a roughly 5x5 video. There is a poem or narrative but it is up to the viewer to find it.

Or not.

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