Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Bit of Music on This Mighty Fine Day

On this day it seems that everyone was out on the street. The cars and buses were full of people needed a dose of warmth and sunlight.

Granted there were only two days of rain in Los Angeles; it was a hardship to delay doing what you wanted to do because of the weather.

I kid, truly. I know what is it like to live in a blizzard. To function and live your life no matter what the elements dictate. I don't do negative four degrees well and I never want to understand negative four plus wind chill factor.

I can speak from recent experience that when the heavy rains occurred these wimps...er citizens of the south land were incapacitated. Unfortunately they were driving behind the wheel of a car so, yeah. There is that.

So I went out to see what I could see. And do some shopping. If you are open to it and not to stuck up on yourself you will find amazing things and people here including mighty fine Pozole.

Once again I found myself at the Grand Central Market. I wish I knew who the band was so that I could give them credit but there was no signage that I could see to identify the musicians.

There was a sign in back of them from the International House of Music; perhaps they were the company that was sponsoring the performance. I don't know.  I checked the websites of the music store and Grand Central Market, there was no listing for the band.

There was nothing on Twitter either. Which should be a lesson to companies using social media. Use it correctly or give up the ghost.

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