Saturday, February 01, 2014

Going Binary - The Non-Discussion Video

I strive to understand. Then I understand and then wonder how we ever got out of the mud, the cave and the mire. I don't think we have. We live in houses. We have reasonably safer food and clothing. Yet that sex thing just makes people go cray-cray.



It is almost the same thing but one is a heck of a lot more pleasurable. Hard to mix and match so I am all for keeping one of them out of public discourse. Americans can't handle it. We just can't. I say put religion back in the closet where it belongs.

But that is just me.

If the premise is that women should only have sex for procreation then I supposed you wouldn't need birth control. If your believe that sex is only for married couples then I supposed those couples should not be doing the bang bang with a pill and a condom.

I beseech thee, one faith does not fit all.

I wanted to respond to the statements made by Huckabee regarding all of us loose, libido driven women. Women who plan when they want to start their families. Women who use their work insurance where they do pay into a plan to have coverage. Women who want to love, have sex, fuck and be fucked well.

Women who take birth controls pills to control their menstrual flow or other medical conditions. I wanted to respond with facts and reason and rock solid verification of the truth.

Not the space and time I live in. Sound bites. Sound bytes. 140 characters and tsk, tsk. So this video is about getting binary with the word fuck. I don't normally use it but since I'm hooked on the sugar I am a known offender.

This is my third attempt at finding ways to make a video poem. It seems that I'm getting progressively shorter in my videos. It is the times I live in; shallow and to the point with links you can't beg folks to read as opposed to skim.

Ah, well.

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