Thursday, December 19, 2013

What I Want and What I Really Really Don't Want

It seems that I have been typographically quiet. I spurt something out on a daily basis but I am trying to think before typing. Some days it works and other days I can't take another minute on the keyboard.

My day job requires a lot of computer time. When I get home I'm burnt out but want do something. When class was in session I leave the salt mine and then sit for three hours looking at a screen or working on a keyboard.

The eyes have limits. My hands need time off. I tried to give them that as much as possible. And yet, I'm learning something from stepping back.

I have to listen. I don't have to jump on the latest outrage. I can wait for one that really fries my chops. Or I can choose to let other voices have a go and see where their ideas take me.

So, What Do I Want?

School is out for the semester. I like having space to do what I want. So if I let go of unimportant things,  like Santas in New York City trying to beat the heck out of each other that opens time for other activities.

Not that it isn't an amusing social history marker considering the hand wringing about the ethnicity of a fictional advertising created Euro-centric cultural appropriation about Santa.

I'm thinking maybe y'all can keep this one.

No, not really. But I am thinking about many things I'd want for my future which also includes things I don't want.

Dear Amazon, I don't want commercial drones.Why are you trying to deprive women from their daily office interactions with fine, healthy young men (and women)?  Law of unintended consequences apply here and you risk messing up potential dates from around the globe.

Not to mention the obstruction of the sky. Next thing you know there will be parking inspector drones and then you'd have have police drones to watch the parking inspector drones that will be shot out of the sky.

And when the police drones are not looking after the parking inspector drones they would be following brothers up and down the street.

You see where I'm going with this? You'd have drones crashing into each other trying to profile every POC from here to Jordan. Too much litter and the fact that somebody is going to get hurt with those rotor blades scraping off the sides of buildings.

Nip it. Nip it in the bud. 

I do want my electric self-driving car. I want hydroponic gardens and places of solitude. And trees. More trees please.

I would like the re-establishment of intelligence in the public discourse.

I don't want much do I?

Well. it beats thinking about the downer stuff and I've had my fill for this month. I leave you with a trailer for a so-so movie but with a kick-ass star of his time. I got so people I'd like to have meet-up with Billy Jack but I'm still in give peace a chance mode.

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