Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cold Duck, Hillbillies and Plantations

Some days I think I've lost my voice. Maybe it is the wisdom of letting some things go. Then again some things you can't let go of even if you want to because the thing is stinking up the room. So I need to let this go free because I'm trying to practice self-compassion. Some of my friends are locked into the stench so I want to offer a way out.

But first, a history lesson. Cold Duck is an alcoholic beverage made up of the dregs of other wines. Way back in the day, the barkeeps would collect the un-drunk wines of their patrons and mix them together for an after hours drink.

Time marches on and a merchant take a more sanitary approach by mixing champagne and other wine stocks into a bottle of Cold Duck. That brew was sold under the Henri Marchant Cold Duck label.

This is a commercial from the 1970s promoting the beverage.

It isn't a toxic brew; more along the lines of Boone's Farm or Asti Spumante. About three shelf's up from Night Train and Mad Dog 20/20.

It is an illusion wine.

You drink it because you can afford it. You drink it because you want the verniers of class; of belonging.  You drink it because you know what you are going get and you are okay with it. Familiar. Comforting.

The buzz you will derive from it isn't a million cell killer. You might even get laid. It will not cause internal system damage like you would from Thunderbird.

You know what you are going to get. You can't kick about not knowing. You have to embrace the bottle to pick it up and take it out of the store. It is a conscious decision. 

Which is why there should be a wine education class for all adults. People don't know about the far superior $2 Buck Chuck. Passable drinking wine and good in spaghetti sauces and chill. There is no class associated with $2 Buck Chuck so all come to the table and can get toasty.

Faith is a lot like drinking Cold Duck. 

You buy into the illusion. You think you have a certain amount of class and you get to tell others that your reality is far superior than their reality because this is what you know to be true. Your book of truth tells you so. And although your book does preach about love, agape love, and love of all even your enemies you have issues.

There is something about it. If asked, you would kill to cleans the world of the unbelievers. So that you can have that illusion of a perfect, classy, loving world.

If a rich hillbilly tells you he is a man of God and he finds queer sexuality repugnant why are you shocked? If he then says that Negros were so much better when they were being cheated out of the rightful sharecropping fees, not having the right to vote, not being free from the company store and still subject to any white person who wanted them to do something and may or may not have paid them for their labor then why are you surprised?

When a singer wants to have a $1,009 meet-up with other creatives at a plantation that presents slavery as a troublesome marketing challenge to be overcome why y'all got you panty's in a bunch?

What, you thought certain forms of feminism was inclusive?

No, my sweeties, no. When you agree to go to a non-educational plantation; in this case, an entertainment plantation,  you are buying into an illusion of Gone With the Wind.

You really won't see the darkies but you fall in love with the house servants. A place where men married their first cousins and keeps dipping their wicks into the slave stock for sexual relief. Where offspring of involuntary or voluntary unions were sold to keep the household peace.

They tell me that the place is so pretty and architecturally commanding that you want to be artistically connected to Tarra and damn the women of color who point out that this might be inconsistent with your formerly announced social beliefs and activities?

Many folks are squeezing on the Cold Duck. What is shocking is who is doing it.

The Hate on Hate Is Opening The Gate

I'm not going to catalog the rampant stupidity passing for justification. I can put up screenshots of people communicating badly in defense of being Christian and racists and how that might not be compatible but, by jingy, they are bound and determined to make it so.

Friends, I will not tell you to be silent.  Do what you gotta do. If you want to go up into the hills and converse with people so that they know you and your kind, go forth. If you want to go to an entertainment plantation then so be it.

Just be real clear on the reason why you are doing it. Cuz you might be tapping into ancestral or advertising memes of illusion. It goes down tolerable. Still, at some point you will have to wake up. You will have to decide how much you want to embrace the matrix of truth, illusion and reality.

The rest of us want to move to the other side of the gate and build a new path of truth and understanding. This requires hard, conscious work.

If certain feminists groups want no part of this type of discussion then I understand. If some hillbillies would like to sit at the table and talk about sexuality, faith and inclusiveness I got some greens in the fridge.

We'll leave the light on for you but will offer you only water. It is cleansing. Leaves no after tastes.

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