Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Cool Tools Book That I'm Putting on the Wish List

I was one of those people that read The Whole Earth Catalog. Yes, I know it is not a narrative type book. It was a huge freaking catalog. It was the paper Internet. How do grow hay? Build a mud house? Get a radio license?

It spoke to me even thought I was raised as a city girl. Didn't matter. There were academic stuff in that Whole Earth Catalog. It feed a hunger. I wanted to know what I didn't know.

The above video is about a new book called Cool Tools. I subscribe to the feed of the web site. The site is about tools (an expansive term) and gadgets. Things that people can do analog as well as digital.

There is a part of me that wants this book very much. It is not the logical part. I have no immediate need to build a mud house. But there is other stuff in the book that I would like to read or know about especially for those frequent notices of impending doom.

It is the longing for sensory pleasure of putting hand to paper and falling into a world. This is why I have to stay out of bookstores. I'm vulnerable that way.

So...yeah. I don't do SaleXmas but I'm posting this as a reminder to myself that should I clear 1/3 of my book collection I could possibly pick this up as a reward.

Eh, I mean for my emergency kit supply kit.

That I will read in bed slowly as I turn the pages.

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