Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Downloading Memory Lane

It is a day of memories. I'm downloading my older videos from The web host is focusing on web series and potential money making activities. It is understandable because the commercial side of web video is about to break loose. Either through a merger with traditional media or as a destination in it own right.

There are talented folks on and I want and hope for the best for each and every one of them. There was a letter from e-mailed to some of the vloggers stating that they are removing accounts that don't meet the Terms of Service.

I didn't even rank that letter. I found out via Twitter when Schlomo told Trine who asked Jay and some other folks questions and I happen to see the post and then I found out.

I have 300+ videos on the service. I do have back up copies but there is a technical dilemma. Before broadband and high speed access there was dial-up Internet. 56k modems. 320x240 video was the accepted size and format.

Here, let me show you.

It is a great clip but it is too dang small for contemporary viewing. I need to dig out the original tape/hard drive/CD that it is stored on and stabilize that bad boy. I have hundreds of video like this; many posted on this blog.

Now true, I could upscale it; this one at 360p doesn't look that bad. I got others that aren't going to look good being stretched. 

Come November 7, 2013 all of my videos will go dark unless I replace them with updated versions. 300+ of them. With the day job, my school class and my complete and utter failure as a keeper of home and hearth, I just don't know where I'll find the time.

So I download my memories that, however imperfect, tried to tell a small bit of the story of being in this place. Of living in this time. It is a part of my life experience, not a series for sale. I can't do a do-over on time gone by.

Someday YouTube might do the same thing. kick the generation 2005 type vlogs out the door because it doesn't fit in with the branding and evolution of the service.

I maintain that there is a place for us between cat videos and entertainment. Where we communicate unfettered by commercials. Where we lock into place those people who raised our thinking a little higher.

So I write a bit. Eat a sandwich. Download another video. Repeat.

I'll figure out the rest later on.

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