Thursday, September 26, 2013

Help Laina Forge 21st Century Metal

I was 18 years old. Home on a Friday night. Not unusual. Turned on late night ABC and there she was. Wearing a Mohawk, the sides of her head shaved clean to the bone. Was sporting electrical tape on her nips. I did not know what to make of this person or the band.

The person I speak of is Wendy O Williams. Girl tore it up. I think she set fire to something. She is no longer on the planet. Mainly because people did not believe Williams had the right to play punk/metal/proto grunge like the boys.

She didn't have role models. Wendy was the role model. To be honest, I don't care for the music. Just not my thing. Maybe I haven't found the right band. Don't know.

But I do care about the ability to express and treat yourself musically. The video below is a Indigogo campaign video from Laina. This woman wrote a book about being a fan of metal, the harder the better.

As you can imagine, she has stories to tell. About her experiences. The bands. The people she meets and the people of color who want to listen and play metal music.

The book is written and you can get it if you want from her website Writing Is Fighting.

But it is a little bit more than that. If you can't view the video, Laina wants to do tours of the U.S., talk about the book and then have a mini concert with local artist thrashing it up.

Not sure I'm using the right vocabulary but I'm an old Funkateer. What can I do but try?

If you would like to chip in some moolah to help her make this happen between now and October 21st swing on over to her Indigogo page. She is asking for $8,500. I think it should be rounded up to and even $10,000 but she would appreciate a $5 if you have it to spare.

If if it is after the campaign then go to her website and find out how to send her money. Tear the walls down and make new roads, new paths.

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