Monday, August 26, 2013

Learning Again How to Carrying the Bags Home

Living in the Southland is never constant. Life might seem the same day after day but then the next day does a wooga-wooga on you. You have to re-calibrate.

Take plastic shopping bags. South Pasadena say yes, Pasadena say no. Long Beach says no, Los Angeles is thinking about it.

Los Angeles is always thinking about stuff. Takes them a good chunk of chew time to do anything and when they do decide it will cost the citizens more in the short, middle and long term.

(Confirmed: Yes, the city of Los Angeles will go plastic bag free on January 1, 2014.)

Hmmm. I had a point I was trying to make.

So when you go out to shop you not only have to remember what you need but also remembering to bring a bag or two with you to bring it home. If you forget your bag(s) you can pay 10 cents for a "multi-use" bag.

This will be either paper or a heavier grade plastic bag.  You can buy one of those recycle spun totes for 99 cents.

Savvy shoppers and Frugalistas know you gotta bring your own bag. Because that paper bag isn't designed for the sharp corners of modern packaging. Those paper bags are embarrassing people all over the place.

I've seen cans of peas roll to the front of the bus to the back as blushing grandmas try to cope.

Using plastic is kinda wrong to me but I keep a spare on in my handbag just in case. To pay it forward just in case.

You do not have to use a bag. You can carry your stuff out of the store.

For those of us under lifetime racial, ethnic or cultural profiling orders I shouldn't have to say this but "No you can't" and you know it even if you have the receipt pinned to your chest. 

It is about change. It is about remembering to get only what you need cuz if you go overboard you too can have celery roll down El Molina Avenue.

It is about planning. And being true to the real world application of a cleaner city and not just that it is a good idea.

Doing the right thing takes adjustments. Plastic bags first, then Syrofoam, then maybe sensible packaging followed by no fracking near clean water or maybe no fracking at all.

Baby steps.

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