Sunday, June 16, 2013

Not Very Good At Letting Go of CDs

I've got software. Maybe too much. I'm looking for the burning software that I know I have so that I can burn an .iso file. I need to burn the .iso file to make a bootable CD to get into my prior computer because I have forgotten the password.

I need to get into that box to get the registration number for the prior version of the burning software so that I don't have to pay full price for the new version if I can't find the prior version software.

Which may or may not work on a 64-bit system.

I just found a CD with bookmarks from 2002 with hundreds of links to long gone websites. Or sites that I should visit more often but I forgot that they existed like Arts & Letters Daily.

This is why people need an RSS Reader. So that people like me can have breadcrumbs back to the sites that mattered.

In 2002 everybody was still rattled by the economy. I seems to have spent a lot of time on job sites and Craigslist. It was also the start of the freelancer sites where you could compete for a job through a web interface. That changed when people from other countries came in and under-bid the Americans off the site.

That hurt.

I was hanging out at survival and self-sufficiently links. Not what you think, these folks provided information on how to stretch a dollar or urban food gathering aka supermarket dumpster diving. No weapons were involved.

There were links to a long gone free magazine called ComputerUser. A lot of links to digital photo sites from GeoCities; heck a lot of GeoCities links period. It was the place to go for fan pages and info on obscure topics.

A lot of the early digital video sites that I visited but couldn't do anything with because the technology wasn't consumer friendly. But I kept an eye on it just the same. I was into radio drama from the looks of it; still am only now I go to drama podcasts sites.

So much has changed.

But not my need to quit procrastinating on household chores and finding that software.

And yet, I wonder if I can find that link to the site that had people being intimate with the trees for charity? Yes, that one is exactly what you think it is but I seem to remember the lush greenery more than anything else.

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