Monday, May 28, 2012

Vlogging While Brown 2011 Panel Session Video

When the blahs hit and you think there isn't anything to conjure up I say dive into the external hard drive video shoe box and see what you got.

The Blogging While Brown Conference 2012 is happening in Philadelphia this year. I can't make the trip but I do have some video to share.

This is a session about Videoblogging while Brown. This clip talks about the need to have a thick skin when you present yourself to the viewing public.

The Vlogging While Brown Panel participants were Roshini Cope, Andrea Tasia and Lydia Cotton.

Just two quick points. There is all kinds of ways to do videoblogging. There is talking head, personal narrative, advocacy, travel, cooking,  pick a topic and somebody has done a video on it. 

You do want to put on your internal slickers to repel some the bile that could come your way.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Study of Los Angeles in Four Seconds

I was sitting here wanting not to be sitting here not being productive. I'm looking through old videos I hadn't taken the time to take a second look to review. One of my camcorders has a feature that takes a four second video snapshots.

So I am looking at all these files and getting more depressed. Not depressed enough to do the dishes but  I'm down kinda low.

I start pulling the videos down into my editing time line and there have certain colors and sounds. I notice this and start to play with what I am seeing.

This is good. Play is good. It is good to remember why you invest time and money into something that you actually enjoy.

This is a sense piece. Seeing Los Angeles in a certain color pallet I guess. Not something I intentionally tried to do. It feels right and I should do this again.

After the dishes.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Moment to Laugh Freely

We use to have fun. You know? We use to laugh freely and didn't care what anybody thought. When I look at this video I remember when I was this open and ready to laugh and just enjoy the moment.

It isn't about the erotic cookies. To me, it is about being engage in work that make you happy.

We have creaky old hypocritical men trying to dictate what we can do with our bodies. Trying to re-introduce shame. This is a video by Philip Campbell for the Montreal Gazette.

Let's not help them do that. Let's laugh in their sad faces and find joy, how ever you define it. But if you want to kick it with Roscoe Palmer that is okay by me.
No shame. A bit of peak a boo but more "oo la la".

Mainly I just wanted to share her laughter.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Feels Good and Is Good for You I'm Told

I can't take credit for this one cuz I can't design worth a dang.  I don't have this specific body part but I'm a frugal kinda gal. Save a penny, save a dollar I say.

Via Mike Allgood's Google Plus Page

 I saw this on Google+ and I support this message. I'm not running for election, just another supporter for erections and/or orgasms.

Well, truthfully I would be more partial to orgasms.  Anyway, in other news I can sympathize with this blog post . Intriguing but truly NSFW post on the demotion of the 2nd head.

The Book Wall at The L.A. Times Festival of Books

A moment away from the sensual pleasure of life to one less tactile. It has been a while since I've posted a video. Lot's of crap going on behind the screen I can't get into.

I still record and take photos but seems like I never have time to work on posting any more. Trying to change that by making this effort.

This is a video impression of the book wall at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. All kinds of authors and name of books were scribbled, slagged and over powered those that needed to write in tiny print.

Lots of Hungry Games. Ayn Rand supporters. Bible thumpers with specific chapter and verse.  Have to say there were also a lot of Diary of a Wimpy Kid supporters as well.

Live like there is no tomorrow but stock up just in case.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Searching for Auditory Pleasures Part 2

After a long day at the salt mine I get to come home and look for non-skeezy and titillating podcasts. Friends, it ain't easy but somebody has to do it. I think I was flapping my jaws about some sexually repressive outrage. Next thing you know I am trying to avoid malware and bad sex writers.

That might be one and the same thing. You can learn a lot by seeking out erotic podcasts.

I have to be careful what I listen to because it could wind up in a dream. I got plenty enough action. So much so I have a hard time waking up. Unless I am hanging on a cliff or something. You don't want to be banging somebody in a dream and then fall of the cliff.

I've done that. In real life or a dream you do not want to go over a cliff. Trust me.

There are ad free erotic podcasts. There are also the ones for sale after you get a sample listen. Sadly there is crud. For now, I'm staying on the public roads. I should mention that many of the erotic podcasts are sponsored by Adam and Eve. Nothing I can do about it except maybe fast forward.

Any more disclaimers? Yes. I am really more interested in the story and how sex facilitates telling the tale. Not really fond of the man-dang-bang kind of stories. Your taste will be different.

Where was I? Oh yeah. for our literary celebration of Masturbation Month 2012 I have found Spice, Romantic Stories of Love. This is also on iTunes which you now can do a web preview.

Sassy is the narrator. She does a good job but I think the stories are more for couples. There is a situation, a lot of description so that you have the set up in your head and then off to the races. There are about fifty stories and they don't run longer than 15 minutes.

I also found The Kiss Me Quick Erotic Podcast. This is a relatively new show but has got potential. Rose Caraway does the honors of writing and performing her work. Rose's podcast is also on iTunes. I did like her Succubus series specially episode #4 but the shorter work are a challenge for me.

I think if I was a guy I'd like them better. They are often written with a male point of view. Women can get off on a story written that way but I generally don't. Again, I do like long form storytelling so it is more me than her.

Okay that should help some of you get to sleep and you won't need a pill either.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Discovering The Little Death Podcast

The crickets have stopped for the night. Only a strangler or two put out last call. I am in-between sleep and being awake so I reach for my music player for something to put me back to sleep.

I'm looking for something different. I came to this podcast a little late but I'm intrigued with a murder mystery set in a future with different rules and beings.

I place the ear bud in and I am taken to the Sextel 69.

In honor of National Masturbation Month 2012 I'm seeking out female friendly erotic podcasts. This one is more literary story than wham bam and that is just the way I like it.


This is Heat Flash Erotica's "The Little Death," by Helen E. H. Madden.