Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Study of Los Angeles in Four Seconds

I was sitting here wanting not to be sitting here not being productive. I'm looking through old videos I hadn't taken the time to take a second look to review. One of my camcorders has a feature that takes a four second video snapshots.

So I am looking at all these files and getting more depressed. Not depressed enough to do the dishes but  I'm down kinda low.

I start pulling the videos down into my editing time line and there have certain colors and sounds. I notice this and start to play with what I am seeing.

This is good. Play is good. It is good to remember why you invest time and money into something that you actually enjoy.

This is a sense piece. Seeing Los Angeles in a certain color pallet I guess. Not something I intentionally tried to do. It feels right and I should do this again.

After the dishes.

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