Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Baby It Is Cold Inside or My Body Is Not Happy

I have the heat on. And my coat. If I could find one of my hats it would be on my head too. It is not unusual to have a chill in the morning. This ain't a chill, this is straight up cold. I feel like it is back east weather.

I personally like waking up to temperatures in the 60 degree range. This ish feels like lower 30s or something.

I'm having to put clothes on the heater to warm them before I'll put them on. That is old school east coast living skills.

Dear Canada. I have great respect for your country. I even watch some of your TV shows like Being Erica on Hulu. Please come get this stray wind pattern. Replants some trees. Restore a wet land, ice pond or something.

Stop the fracking of your land. That may have nothing to do with the weather but I just thought I'd toss that out there in case you are listing.

In the meantime I gotta find my gloves. I need to open the refrigerator.

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