Monday, November 07, 2011

Meeting the People You Sleep With

2015  Update: The original video has been lost; it was posted on a service called BlipTV. I haven't found the original; it is on a disc someplace in my possession. I've added a book trailer that hopefully you will find interesting.

This takes some explaining. I like audio dramas, storytelling, audio theater, old time radio and stuff like that. I got hooked on Philippa Ballantine podcasts of Weather Child and other productions.

Tee Morris, yes. too many to count. I usually listen to podcasts before I go to bed, when I need to mellow out at work or for medicinal purposes.

I attended Tee's presentation at BlogWorld 2011 in Los Angeles. Excellent. He told the straight scoop and didn't try to get me to believe in the fairly money making slot machine of podcasting. I really appreciate that.

Here is my story. Tee did mention that he and Philippa would be in steampunk attire the next day. I didn't think I get a chance to see them but they were standing near the Podcaster Zone. Do yourself a favor and check their web site

I did have my digital camcorder, honest. It was hiding from me at the bottom of my bag. I could only lay hands on my mobile phone. Not high definition but you use what you got. I was also going into a mild fan panic of "record you idiot before they get away."

Folks, I must have looked like a dork. I know it.  But I got the video.

I am putting on my self-desired holiday shopping list an electronic organizer for my handbag. This, I swear,  will never happen again. This is my day 4 video for Vlomo 2011.


  1. Hey Gena, you don't seem to have many comments over here :(

    I just thought I'd drop by to say that I'm enjoying your videos this year and really appreciate the effort you are putting in to curate the slew of vlomo entries.

    Great work!

  2. Thank Frank, I have folks stop by, I do have readers.I guess I'm so wordy they forget to post.

    What did we get ourselves into, eh?