Monday, October 17, 2011

OWSLA or Los Angeles Has A Financial District?

Los Angeles is a place of contradictions. Thousands of them. Los Angeles does have a kinda sorta Wall Street but the traders have to wake up early to play with the east coast markets. They, I heard told, do not necessarily walk around in gray pinstripe uniforms, er suits.

Los Angeles does have towers of banks and financial institutions that are far up in the sky. Far away from commuters, the homeless population, vendors wanting to buy gold and silver and the other teaming masses.

So no, this march will have no impact on them at all.  Still, it happened. 

There was this woman who I rode the train with who went to law school, paid $120,000 and can't get a job.

There were people wanting to get rid of the Fed. Not sure if it was the federal government or the federal reserve. I have a flying in my bag about returning to the gold and silver standard as well as the abolition of federal tax system. And forgiveness of all debt.

There were college students and long since college folks who wanted to make a point.

There were people with cameras and camcorders everywhere. The cops had them. The hotel parking folks had them. People who were walking down the street not knowing about the march and took some snaps just in case. Yes, there were some reporters and photographers in the area.

There were actual protesters too.

I have been trying to find a way to write about what I am seeing. There is a struggle because I'm seeing too many things at once. It is the text and subtext kind of thing.

Still trying to work it out.

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