Thursday, September 01, 2011

Another September Has Come

The smoothie of the day is a mixed berry kind of concoction. I would have like to have added a chunk of garlic to it to keep what has been biting me at night unhappy but I can't find the cloves. Too lazy to look for it.
I can imagine it. Some bloodsucker bug looking for an easy meal strolls up to my arm and takes a sniff. Just as he is about to break off a chunk of me he gets a snoot blast of Gilroy's finest garlic.

"Pee-yoo, that is some rank human! I'm not that hungry." He flutters to the nearest tiny crack in the door.

Yes, I must find the clove for the next batch. I don't know how well garlic goes with strawberries and blackberries. I'm adding a tablespoon of Cheap Chuck (aka Two Buck Chuck) to mellow things out. I was saving it for the earthquake kit but I can pick up another bottle easy.

Special shout out to the new east coast members of "Yes, it really was an earthquake" society.

Yo, y'all can't be running outside during a quake. Too much masonry that can conk you on the head. As a public service to quake newbies this is Martha, the Safety Gal. And some rubber duckies.

Don't hate, reciprocate. When California has a hurricane you are free to send me tips and suggestion.

Time Thief or Aging Is A Drag

I can smell the change of weather. I notice less light outside in the evening. Fall is coming.

I have mixed feeling about Fall. I always feel I get cheated out of more summer. I only get three months of official summer and spend the other nine wishing for more sun and heat.

It also means the great plans and life experiences I thought would happen either worked or didn't work.

That can make me sad but this year, no complaints really. I'm actually in gratitude mode. Grateful I can pay  the bills, grateful I have outside interests. Grateful I have choices on what I want to do when I want to do it.

Well, no not really. One day last week I tried to stay up for 20 hours. I didn't get enough sleep on day one and I had two projects due on day 2 so I stayed up very late. I got them done but by day three I was a wreck.  I came home and I slept 10 hours and could have used three more.

I was the person that could stay up through the Late Show, The Late, Late, Show and the Early movie. I could sleep for two hours then go to school, come home and start it all again.

Those days are gone. Other Septembers have taken my super power away. I'm left with a body that I have to take care of or there will be repercussions. Bad ones.

So for this week I have been good. A hit of garlic and early to bed. There has been slippages but the internal time clock is on my case. The TickTockMan is telling me to repent and I have no choice.

I do not mind being older but man I gotta say some aspects of aging are a stone cold bummer.


  1. each season has its reasons but i love fall most of all except for my own fall. well, mostly i love my own fall because it means i'm still here but the aches and pains, creaks, etc., I can do without. trying to do like satchel paige said, living as if i don't mind (age), it won't matter.

  2. Yes, when you look at the alternatives being here is good. But on this day it is a freaking hot type of good that I have to adjust to; temps in the 100 degree area.

    When fall comes around here we don't get cooler, we can spike up in temperatures like a rocket. Older, grumpy and hot.

    Those are my choices.