Sunday, August 21, 2011

Poetry In Plain Sight - Don Kingfisher Campell 2

There are all sorts of ways to say I love you, I know you are present and thank you for affirming me. Poets are always reinventing the message.

It is a one to one to many relationship. Strangers are always included. Don is the ringleader of the San Gabriel Valley Poets writing workshop and poetry readings. His poety blog helps you to keep track of all his doings in the area.

Any poem that mentions the James Mason Thunderbird commercial is okay by me.

James Mason was a fine actor, a classy guy. But he was a real person too. There are times when the money gets funny. You have to do (within moral/ethical guidelines) what is necessary support yourself and your family.

Perhaps the reputation of Thunderbird wine was much different than it is today. From the two times he says "unusual taste" I am guessing no. Mr. Mason classed up the joint but the wine has traveled downhill in an alley near you.

Nasty, wicked stuff.

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