Sunday, August 14, 2011

Glen A. Palmer on Jumping In on the Noise

There are times when people want to jump in and change the direction of what you wrote or want it to conform to what they think you should have done.

It take a lot to be willing to listen not only to the other person but also listening to your internal compass. This is Glen A. Palmer from the blog, The Gentlemen's Standard.Glen 's blog mixes in male fashion, faith, I don't know any other way to say this, man issues, and other good stuff at his blog.

I do encourage you to visit his blog because you will not see him represented in mainstream television or the news media. This is a child of a single parent. Look to see what he has accomplished and continues to create before you slap a stereotype on him.

I may not agree with everything on his blog but I do appreciate that his voice expands the discussion of what African American men are thinking and talking about.

Glen spoke at part of the panel on Authentic Voice at Blogging While Brown 2011 in Los Angeles.

Update 9/16/2011: I made an error. The speaker's name is Glen, not Greg. I don't know who Greg is but he is not Glen. I swear I checked and even visited the blog to make sure I had the right blog address. I did, just not the correct name.  I have to fix the video but, yeah. I goofed.

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