Friday, July 22, 2011

Living in the Time of Asperand

I learned a new word today. Asperand I like saying it but I have to work at remembering how to say the word. There is a lot of competition for my brain cells. Asperand is the actual name for @ now commonly known as the at symbol.

My retention thing has changed from"give me all you got" to "that is it for today, thank you but the storeroom is closed. " I don't like it but some days I gotta shut down open access and monitor what goes in and stays around to mess with my brain.

Here I am standing on the nexus point between what was and what is and all kind of stuff is going on. Av at BlogHer took on the CA Milk Board advertisements about PMS and milk.

Just as that foolishness has been dealt with the Summer's Eve ads that have three, count them, three different ethnic groups of women riled up. This is another video in the series about how 70 percent of us don't know the name or can identify our lady bits.

I got folks e-mail and twittering the heck out of this stuff. It needs a response. It is an video asperand that is a symbolic of what people and companies will do to sell a product.

Well, I'm sitting this one out. I'm just tuckered. My attention this week was across the creek looking at how the News Corporation/empire might fall. I am holding on patiently expecting the unthinkable into reality.

I'm sorry but others will have to take up the slack.

This is the time of the Asperand because we look at, point at, twitter at and have forgotten that there are real people having to co-exist with dumb ass clucks.

Clucks that think they know real people enough to sell them anything if they hit the right emotional and cultural buttons. Pain them and cure them for a price.

And who came up with the bright idea to have Summer's Eve ads before the showing of a Harry Potter movie?

Have at it folks. I am taking a walk from this foolishness. I'll catch up and see what next week will bring but I have limited expectations.

I'm taking a walk and having a confab with a few trees. I've got to shake a few more asperands out of my head.

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