Saturday, June 11, 2011

Where The Heck Have I Been?

I've been down in the dumps. Not a fun place to visit and you don't want to live there. There are legions of people who will tell you that you should fight your way out, just do it.

Move forward and seize the day. Kind of like pull yourself up from your bootstraps. My bootstraps are stressed. I need new boots. My feet ache. Metaphorically speaking.

The phrase loving kindness. popped into my head. I need to apply it to myself. So I have.

I need to have a time out except I can't take one. So I've pulled back a bit. I have given myself permission to only post two things a day. With planning I can contribute to other blogs that I've promised to kick in a word or two.

As for the Stoop, I've been shameful and working on reconnecting. The gurus say my blog should have a focus. I say that my blog is what I need it to be at the time.

It evolves. So do I. I'll try to do a better job of having stuff in the pipe to tide me over when the brain goes on strike.

I am trying to plot out fun time, however I define it. Fun time does not include Samy's camera, that is an obsession and I can only go to the store once every three months or so. This is not hard. I just have to read the ad in the newspaper so that I can confirm to myself that there is no reason for me to be in the neighborhood.

There are a bunch of staycation activities to keep me engage until I can slip out of town.

Anything else? I have one more poet in the video pipeline and a couple of street performances. I'll see what I can do but there is that inner hatter critic that I have to sedate first.

Oh, yeah. I am diddling with the design of the blog. Things are in flux and may change. Or not.


  1. I'll never be the kind of blogger who makes it big, because my blog is for ME. It has only the focus I have on a given day, not a commercially viable focus. It changes when the mood strikes me and it languishes when I languish. Such is life, and life should come before blogging. Or why have one and what would we write about?

    Applause, applause. Do your thang, girl.

  2. Yeah, that was the problem. I was doing so much I didn't have time write. Part of that is having a day job and the other part is you do need to replenish.

    Some how that almost isn't permitted in our society. Unless you spend money or do "something."

    I need an ashram kind of place that would also let me make noise. That place doesn't and shouldn't exist but a kind of place where you as an adult could go play w/o having to drink or gamble.

    Now there is an idea.