Friday, April 01, 2011

A Movie Called Poetry on the Finally Friday Freakout

Back in my waning days of watching television I did try to get into some of the Korean televisions shows. They had more stuff going on in ten minutes than an American soap opera would have in a week. I gave up cuz you do need a cheat sheet to get a grip on the characters, culture and the speed at which shenanigans happen.

What lead me to the Korean television shows what that I saw a Korean movie that moved about the same speed but I knew what was going on because I was witnessing it as it happened. I've forgotten the name of the film; it was a long time ago.

This is to say that I stumbled into this trailer for the movie Poetry. There are a couple of stories here, I can tell. I'd lay dollars to donuts it isn't the one I think it is.

It is National Poetry Month, by the way. I'm sure Mr. Campbell and associates have got events lined up and I expect a video or two will be generated on the topic.

These movie clips reminds me that poetry can dig very deep into a person soul if you let it. It is still a one to one transmission method. You have to find your poem or poet. Not easy in a wham bam so long Sam world.

It is still possible. Poetry can be like holding out for your one true love that may or may not show up.

We keep going but we need attention. A poem can do that for you; provided you with a reason to keep going or understand why. This movie was released in 2010 so finding it might be a challenge. Finding an English subtitle version even more.

If you find out where it is please let me know. This film seems to need attention. Just like poetry.

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  1. Thanks for posting info about this movie. I am in an MFA program for Creative Writing. Poetry is the primary form I write in. I also have older parents who have some form of dementia. Everything I've read tells me that keeping your mind active slows Alzheimer's and that new learning is a way to slow aging in your brain.