Friday, April 15, 2011

It Is Friday at 5:28 a.m.

My brain is mush. I'm supposed to be writing, creating and researching things for other posts. I want to. Really. And then thoughts of paying taxes, filling out forms, getting dressed, remembering not to order fatty foods at lunch and all of the grown-up things I am supposed to do.

It is a frigging drag man.

When does the fun stuff kick in? I mean, doing stuff for the joy of it without boundaries or time limits? When does the part where you have the time and energy for the kind of expansive thinking that embraces you so you can spark it up?

I don't blame my brain for wanting to go on strike. It is just that I need it to get dressed and go to work. Promising my brain the weekend is no longer enough.

The back-up system has taken over but it is clear that only limited tasks will be handled in the order received. I'm screwed.

It is gonna be a long day.

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