Sunday, April 24, 2011

Drumtime in Pasadena or Where's My Bongo Baby?

It was a beautiful day. Temperature just peculating under cozy. Blue sky and dry pavement. Everybody was busting out of the cabin to do something even if it was just to take a walk.

Pasadena had a combo Art and Eco Street festival with information booth and all kinds of stuff. Me, I gravitate toward music and drumming. I also like seeing people do stuff without a power source other than actual community.

This is actually a good example of what people can do when you make learning fun and non-threatening. Yes, we can make music. True, some of them had a little problem with the 2/4 but give it some time. Some of the drummers were still in diapers.

The facilitator's name is John Lacques and this is what he does, get people to drum, use percussion and make with a joyful noise. If you would like more info check out his web site at

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