Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Day After A Very Sad Day

It is the day after. You might have calmed down after at the asinine behavior of various members of the citizenry but I haven't. It isn't about Trump. It is about deep, well no so deep, racism.

I said racism and I mean it. Old time, connect the dots "Where is your papers, boy?" racism. My fellow miner at the j.o.b. had to keep reminding me that I was at work.

I couldn't listen to President Obama because it would hurt to hear him have to say those words. I dang sure couldn't keep listen to Trump because I was cussing after he made that statement of victory.

Hence the repeated reminders that I was at work.

I had to turn off my radio because the ass in the wine was ridiculous. Moving on to grades in school are we? Oxy is a low class nothing school? We have a right to know?

It should have said Negro?

Baratunde Thurston is a comic writer, techie and social media doer and thinker. This ain't about politics. This cuts to the bone of my, his and our collective citizenship. If you have not seen this video watch it.

I gotta take the pledge to back up on recommending people to listen to Nina Simone's Mississippi Goddamn. Really, it has become an ear worm that I am trying to shake and cannot.

I hope I am strong enough to stand up to the days to come and the idiocy that is now walking around in the name of taking my country back.

Now that we know how far back they want to go.


  1. Trump is a racist, a bully and an idiot. He is only playing the country. He is getting free advertising as the media follows him around waiting for him to announce if he is gonna announce. Wake up people

    Our President walked into a mess left by the greedy and sickening, filthy rich people who raped the American citizens, and those same people sit back and watch, with their pockets full of our retirement funds and our futures, as we are thrown out onto the streets, without anykind of remorse only scheming for their next heist. How do they sleep? And D. Trump is one of them, he watched it being done, did nothing about it, hes just wanting his share now.

  2. There was this guy on MSNBC Lawrence O'Donnell that made an excellent point. Trump is doing this for the media heat and excitement. He has not filed the official papers, he is not under the Fairness Doctrine.

    If he wants to he could announce running for president now. NBC could tell folks if his show was picked up for next season.

    He ain't got a cockroach chance in hell with 3+ ex-wives and bankruptcies up the ying-yang. It is about the perception of thinking he has any power.

    He is mistaken. Trump just has money.