Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ellen Snortland Video and Taking A Risk

Ellen Snortland is a well known columnist at the Pasadena Weekly. She writes about being able to defend yourself, reproductive issues and the concerns of a being a woman in these times.

This video has none of that. Ellen took a comedy class and this is the graduation performance.

I'm posting it because I am about to cross another age marker known as a birthday. I need mentors. I need women my age saying they want to get laid. Let it be known that here is joy to be found in the larger Padumpadumps region of the mature body.

I'm really posting this because she is taking a chance. Going beyond the comfort zone. Age does not exempt you from living or exploring. That is the most important reminder of all.

Go for it.


  1. "Go for it." Do I have a choice?

    Okay, not going for it.

    About two years ago, I noticed that age was overwhelming my best efforts at basic self-maintenance. At sixty, it's time for the best of the basics: top nutrition, dedicated and diversified exercise, minimum of eight hours of sleep, semi-annual check-ups, smile a lot, think positive, avoid mirrors, and floss your ass off.

    I discovered that it was already too late for all that; age had shot right past my best shot.

    So, I succumbed. Why fight it? People, it's gonna win, okay? Nothing legal or affordable will stop it, so I decided to EMBRACE MY AGING.
    And I can honestly say that I worked for acceptance, focused on my character, tried to figure out what graceful meant and emulate it. And I've felt like shit for two years.

    Now? Done it. Over it. Ready for illegal and unaffordable.

    Stand back.

  2. You always have a choice. I'm not trying to fight it. I'm just trying to understand what does this mean for me.

    There are parts of the younger self I want to bring along for the ride. I don't want to be an old sourpuss of regrets. I want to give it my best shot.

    I'm thinking I have to work my up to illegal. Rambunctious and plum crazy are my immediate goals.