Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spill The Wine on the Finally Friday Freakout

When I was young all I needed was a thumping bass and percussion. And some guitar, and a lyric I could mangle.

I knew that Eric Burdon sang with a group called The Animals but I never saw the man. I certainly knew about the group War but never laid eyes on them either.

This is the group War and Eric Burdon on vocals riffing on Spill The Wine.

If it wasn't raining I go get some. It is raining outside and inside. I came home to 72 and counting e-mails. I know stuff has hit the fan when it crosses 40.

I'm working my way through them. I don't want to talk about the topics now. My views will be apparent soon enough. Just need the time to write. And calm down.

For this day I am thankful that I get to vent at myself instead of another person. I've been angry at hurtful men this week. Not all men, just the really nasty, toxic, Lawd Jeebus come take these fools off the planet type men.

I don't know how Gandhi did it. Meditation my ass; where is the licking stick!
And that is where I fail in my goal to transmute the anger into positive energy. It is a chasm that is still too wide.

Which is why I need to dance to the video and send anger on its way. I'm no good to anybody when I am this angry about the attacks on women, emotional, physical and sexual this week and every week. But especially this week.

It is so bad I might have to voluntarily clean something.

I might have mentioned that I buy healing and meditative recording from SoundsTrue.

For those like myself that need to be reminded that there are better people that are seeking ways to deal with internal pain and suffering.

There is a free podcast called Insights At The Edge.

You can listen at the computer, download mp3 audio to your media/mobile device or subscribe on iTunes.

After I finish singing a couple of times I'll head over their and see if I can get a glimmer of understanding about taking my anger and using it for a higher purpose than to want to whack somebody upside the head.

I have Kool Aid - the kind that needs sugar. I might have some fruit. Kool Aid Smoothies? I suppose it is possible. I guess that will have to do.

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