Sunday, February 06, 2011

Poetry In Plain Sight - Steven R. Kutcher

250 trees were bulldozed in Arcadia on January 13, 2011 in order to provide a place for dirt. That is the short version. We humans deal only in the short version of the total story.

Some folks say the state of California made the county destroy the trees. Others say it was the determined intent of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. Still others really don't care because if it is a choice between their home and a tree they vote to cut down the trees.

This poem by Stephen R. Kutcher speak for the trees that provided oxygen, shade and beauty that was deemed not important enough to preserve.

There are other voices such as the Los Angeles County Regional Settlement Management Plan.

News stories about the destruction of 250 trees in Arcadia:

Arcadia Weekly - 11 Acres of Trees Bulldozed by County

L.A. Weekly - By The Numbers

San Gabriel Valley Tribune - Video of bulldozing of the trees

Poetry isn't just about feelings. A poem can be a witness of things that should not have happened. A poem can represent a learning opportunity that should not be ignored. You can listen to this poem and then pass it along down the line so that other people will know and be ready for the next time.

We need more trees, not less. Why do human beings have such a problem understanding this one essential fact?

For the record and in the interest of full disclosure; I am a tree hugger and lover.

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  1. Lovely poem about a tragic situation that happens all too frequently despite a burgeoning green consciousness. I remember from my late teens a couple of lines from a poem by Lucille Clifton - 'him who wants to be a tree ought to be if he can be it, same thing for other things, same thing for men.' (I thing I got the gist of it.) Thanks, as always, for your passion.