Monday, February 14, 2011

Poetry In Plain Sight - Sojourner Rolle

Never underestimate the importance of a pathfinder or a mentor. Mentors are not just for young people. Mentors can help to show us a different way or hip us to a higher perspective.

We all want to be inspired, transformed and brought to another level of being. Well most of us do. Ok, those of us living in California certainly do. William Stafford seemed to be that kind of mentor for Sojourner Rolle.

She was one of the featured readings at Don Campbell's Saturday Afternoon Poetry meet-up.

This is an excerpt from her presentation about William Stafford and Sojourner reads one of her poems as well. For more information about Mr. Stafford and his poetry you can visit his page or the tribute page created by the Friends of William Stafford.

The Road to Better Tech Is Not A Smooth One

You know how you buy a new camcorder that has all kinds of fancy do-dads that at first you think it is neat only to find out it is not so neat? Many new camcorders have face recognition software to help keep the face in focus.

The software is a dad gummed digital bird dog. If the person is stationary it is fine. I didn't notice it until now that it literally tracks the face. Let's just say I have some challenges in the weeks to come.

I have some people practically leaping as they read their poems. Sigh. You live and you learn.

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