Sunday, January 16, 2011

My First Waffle Dog and a Bit of Waffle History

You might think that after a few weeks I'd scope out all the eating joints around the Salt mine. My fear of a dulled lunch was creeping in; I'd already settled on the quick and adequate lunch at Wolfbane Express.

It is not bad if you don't mind the constant up-selling of the three fang special. Just say no and wave the money before them. I didn't feel like the challenge so I went in search of something different.

I needed a culinary adventure. One that I could afford under $5. That is not easy when I'm in an area that has standard lunches at $9.

Then I saw it - Waffles.

Now to you waffles are not a big deal. As a kid I never had them until the refrigerated kind started showing up. By that time I'd seen a Julia Child show or two and I knew the real thing wasn't supposed to taste like cardboard.

I've since had Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles but it isn't good for me to think of places that are not accessible to me at lunch time. I'm thinking, what the heck - what is the harm?

So I amble up to the joint to check out the action. Real waffles. Waffles and ice cream, waffle sandwiches, waffle cheese sticks.

Then I saw it. A Nutella waffle sandwich. I am a recent convert to the order of Nutella. I went for it. And to be on the safe side I also got a Waffle Dog.

Took it back to the Salt mine where Miner #4056 was trying to read a book. He took one look at my Waffle Dog and looked at me with questions of mental health in his eyes.

I offered him a bite. Miner #4056 most emphatically refused. I start in on half of the Nutella and I'm a happy gal. Dude tries to go back to reading but that dog is bothering him.

I take the photo and I loose more sanity points with most of the lunch crowd. I don't care. I don't have a Waffle Dog every day.

I hose it up with ketchup and chomp away. It is ok. I should have gotten mustard. More waffle than hot dog but I like it. Not sure why. Hidden desires maybe. Not so hidden desires more like it.

The Smithsonian Music has a information page on the patent on the Waffle iron. I should say the electric Waffle iron on account that the non-electric iron has been cranking out the fluffy goodness for centuries. And for more about the history of waffles check out Historical


  1. Where in LA did you get a Waffle Dog? The only place I could find was Goffles Waffles in Glendale.

  2. That would be the place. I did some snooping and found out that it is a Hawaiian and Philippian known food as well.

    There is the Hawaiian Bakery in Torrance that you could contact to see if they make them. I don't know if they do or not but they came up in a search.