Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meeting Karen and a Reminder About eWaste Recycling

I'm starting up on my long Saturday walks again. For me a long walk is about two hours or so, more if I can combine it with other tasks. I was walking along and I saw the truck about eWaste recycling.

This is my brief conversation with Karen who hangs out at the Pasadena Presbyterian Church. The plan is to recycle the televisions and electronics and the cash received goes to help pay for the renovation of the Young Adults room at the church. For more info you can check out their Sacred Space blog.

Now if someone would work out a traveling eWaste pick up that would work for a lot of us that don't have transportation. That may be possible, depending on where you live.

If you are in the California area you can visit the E-Waste Recycling page at the CalRecycle page of the state of California.

It might be you finally clear out the garage and make a bit of cash. All things are possible.

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