Sunday, June 27, 2010

Music That Makes You Dance - Make Music Pasadena 2010

Sometimes you have to sit back and let life happen. There was the Make Music Festival 2010 and the Pasadena Chalk Festival in Pasadena. I had a camcorder and a bit of time.

The sun was warm. The music was hot.

This is a little mash-up of the two events. The musicians are Jose Espinosa and his Umbalaye.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

National HIV Testing Day or Do You Have A Spare Condom?

I need to talk to the mature women, aunties and the grammies about protecting themselves when they have sex. June 27, 2010 is or was HIV Awareness and Testing Day.

I know it was because I was walking around outside of Vroman's Bookstore. There were condoms everywhere. It was a beautiful sight. Yet something was missing. Not enough info for the Boomers. Cuz, you know we ain't gonna stop with a little snow on the rafters.

With the right amount of imagination that rocking chair can be a sensual enhancement tool.

Protect Yourself - Use A Condom
True, peri-menopause and menopause might have you up against the ropes. It is all you can do not to kill something. I say make love, not war. The libido is not dead, just getting reconfigured. One of these days a good looking chunk of opportunity is gonna walk up and say "Hi."

It will be all you can do to say "Yes." "No." or "You are serious, right?"

A Pause for the Cause

Step 1 - Have 21st Century Condoms

If all systems are go and before you get to shucking your clothes you need to ask yourself is there is a condom in the house, car or purse. I like to reduce complexity. I have condoms. Specially after today cuz I picked up a few condoms. And some lube. Water based, of course.

There are things that do not age well. Condoms is one of them. They expire. Make sure you have current stock within reach.

Step 2 - Dude Has To Wear It

You can help him put it on, make it worth his while but that condom has to be in place before you crank up Boogie Nights. This is not negotiable. This is about your life and how long you get to live it.

Step 2a - There are Female Condoms

Really, if the guy refuses to wear a condom and he won't get tested why are you with him?

Yeah, I know. Ok. If this is just a hit it and quit and you really want to do this with this reckless inconsiderate man then you need to use a female condom.

This is a non-sexual demonstration of how to insert the female condom:

It is a one use device. No recycling here. You can use it for the front door or the back porch however you have to use a new condom for each orifice. Female condoms are much more expensive but you are so worth it if you cannot get cooperation from your stud muffin.

Step 3 - You Might Have to Lube the Groove

We change. Body chemistry is no longer in sync with immediate desire. We may need help to ease the points of entry. There are all kind of lube products. Some contain icky petroleum chemicals. Bad for condoms, worse for your body.

When possible, go natural but not Crisco. Seriously, I know it was the thing back in the day but No, leave that in the bad old days. This is future tense.

You need to read the label to make sure the lube is compatible with the condom and with your body. There is a video about Green/Organic lube at Another source is the product line of Good Clean Love.

For more info:
There are not enough easy to find middle-age and senior specific sex health pages so I will keep an eye out for them and post what I find.

In the meantime, in the spirit of the boogie put a lid on it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Everyone Forever Now Video - Memories of Stoop Sitting

How could I not share a video about stoop sitting? It is practically a dying art form with everybody glaring into glass and plastic squares. I didn't do this video. It is from a production company called Everynone.

Sitting out on the stoop is deceptive to the casual observer. Much is happening while appearing to do nothing.

Everyone Forever Now - "Stoop Sitting" from Everynone on Vimeo.

For example, those that occupy their stoops during the day know exactly what is going on in the neighborhood. Daytime artisans of the stoop know which husband is creeping with a certain non-wife from around the corner. They know who belongs on the block and who does not.

Going through MLC? There is a place for you on somebody's stoop. Heartbreak? That will get you a rickety chair and a confidential section on the porch connected to the stoop.

Professionals sitters on the stoop know when the excessively faithful bible thumpers are about to walk up the block. This might precipitate the sitters temporary removal from the stoop with a bang from the screen door. This early alarm system is equally effective for the gas man and other public utility collection agents as well.

(Banging the screen door is only to be used by trained professionals. People under 18 are prohibited from banging the screen door.)

Brick and mortar stoop watchers are a time honored news and information exchange service. Tidbits, facts and straight-up gossip are collected and filtered for prime juicy storytelling.

Yes indeed. I have had old school rump rot listening to people on my mother's porch yack it up in the dusk of day. Especially the hot summer evenings where their was no air conditioners, just fans.

It was much too hot to be indoors. If it wasn't the movies or a walk around the block you generally wound up on the stoop. Tempers were defused or lit. A lot of ice tea was swirled in jam jar glasses. Card games, music, laughter.

Tears. Those too.

These days all I have is some instant Green tea. Well, it is the thought that counts. I will go mix up a batch in honor of memories of days gone by.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ahead of the Curve on the Finally Friday Freakout

I tell you, this day felt like 17 hours long. Everybody was twitchy trying to make it to closing time. Crossing the street was a death defying adventure.

I have one of two theories.

1. There are more color blind drivers that cannot see the color green as in "Dufus I'm crossing at a green light, why are you honking at me during your rolling stop?"


2. The loss of civility is the next sign of a dying culture.

I can't make up my mind.

Well, I hope to snag some goodies at the two, count 'em, two festivals in Pasadena this weekend. Pasadena Chalk Festival and the Make Music Pasadena Festival.

There will be art. There will be music from people I have never heard of and that is wonderful.

I never heard of Matt and Kim. I like the percussive energy in this video. I like even better free music on multiple stages around the city AND inside of the Pasadena ARTS shuttles.

This idea is so cool. Acoustic musicians will play for passengers. This is gonna confuse the hell out of the regulars but shaking up the system is good for the soul. Unless somebody tries to play "Feelings" on the Fair Oaks shuttle.

So not a good idea.

I spent all day wishing it was over so I could get on to Saturday. I need to just be and see the rest of the world without filters. Without obligations. Roam if I want to.

As a public service reminder, Pasadena Traffic enforcement is no joke. If they could slap a ticket on the Metro Gold Line they would.

Park where you know you can get to the meter just before time runs out.

If the meter seems to be broke, do not park in that spot. It is a ticket trap. The city says that if the meter is broken you are not supposed to park in that spot. There is no sign. There is no warning. Bupkis. You are expected to know that obscure city code.

The city will slap a ticket on your car for parking at a busted meter. And then you will want to go upside someone's head like Kim does on the drums.

Don't do it though. Positive vibes. Park in San Gabriel and take Foothill Transit. Or take the Metro Gold Line and hop on and off the shuttles. You could also walk. It is a concept that will come into its own someday in Southern California.

Other than that, have a enjoyable weekend.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hollywood Fring Festival - Get Outside This Weekend

There is a lot of stuff happening this weekend. The Hollywood Fringe Festival is one of the events.

I have a special love of busting out of office L7 videos. This is one of them that is a keeper long after the event. This weekend you could attend a Hollywood Fringe event.

After this weekend, hit up on this video to remind you to get out more.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ross Anthony - A Video Moment in Time

Good things can happen in Pasadena. Walking into Beany’s for a croissant is one of them. Support your independent vendors I say. Yep. I put it to you this way; across the street at Starbucks people sit at tables and glare into their cell phones; even the couples. Spooky.

At Beany’s real people talk at tables without the aid of electronic devices. I’m not saying don’t walk into a chain store. I’m saying consider places that make you feel comfortable enough that you don’t need the freaking phone to make you feel secure.

I am secure that Beany’s has better pastries than Starbucks. This is relevant because I don’t drink coffee.

Anyway, before I could go get my croissant I saw this guy at the table. The guy said “Hi” and sounded like he meant it. I said “Hi” back as I checked out the table to determine if this was animal, vegetable or psycho-political.

Usually the psycho-political don’t talk to me but mistakes happen.

I am buying my croissant and I hear him outside give his pitch about traveling the world, writing books and raising money for a writing project for his students. Getting students to voluntarily read and write?

What can I do to help?

I got my stuff and had a conversation with Ross. Not only do I support independent vendors I have an obligation to help support independent and self-publishing authors. Someday I could be one of them which is why I’m fixating on the iPad/tablet publishing opportunities but that is another topic.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. Writers and artists who sell at tables fall in one of two camps. Camp No. 1 is “Please buy my book or art but don’t talk to me.”

Or Camp No. 2 “I’m open, I really do like people. Please buy my book or art and come talk to me, for a bit.”

From what I could see Ross was doing ok for a June gloom Saturday morning. Colorado and Los Robles is not an easy corner to pitch literary and artistic woo. I bought the book Circle Earth and the passage I like so far is:

Jan 14

Travel is a high like falling in love, like finding God. It teaches one to smile with the light from one’s eyes. It reminds “Hey, you can do anything.”

Page 98 Circle Earth, A Sketchbook, A Journal
Ross Anthony

Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Girl You Are Beautiful on the Finally Friday Freakout

Laurie White wrote a post about her body and peoples reactions to her body. The name of the post is How I Got Fat.

As with most things it isn't just about the food but how other people perceived the validity of your body. This current culture is not very affirming. But there are days and there are moments in a day when it is safe to be who you are. I have learned to treasure the minutes and moments that I feel at peace. I am learning to tell the haters inside and outside of my head to go to hell.

Every couple of years or so there is a song to celebrate those of us on the curve swerve side. Sir Mix-A-Lot and Queen come to mind at the moment as being artists who have made a buck or two singing praises for the more puffy among us.

I have no idea who Mika is, he seems like an energetic kind of fellow.

I just zipped over to and he is all over the place. Touring that is and singing his songs. Being who he was born to be and hopefully no one is prejudging his singing ability on his looks.

He looks fine to me. The kid is alright.

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Other Prescott Mural - There Is Diversity in Prescott, Arizona

Despite what certain members of the Prescott community would have you believe there are diverse populations in the area. This is another mural project that took place at Mile High Middle School.

In the video it explains the process of how the coordinator and the students got together, connected with nature and created the mural. The students also spoke with the Yavapai people to learn of their culture.

This is an example of helping students make the connection between what they learn in the class room and applying it to their environment.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Prescott Mural - Moving Forward In Love and Respect

Hopefully a better ending has been written. I don't know how long that ending will last because there are some amped up people. Only God knows what they are going to do.

If you don't know the story about the elementary school mural that came under attack because of the appearance of two children of color then check out the links below to get up to speed.
or this:

Councilman Steve Blair, who at the time had an AM radio show, said the following words:
On May 21, 2010 Steve Blair said, "I am not a racist individual, but I will tell you depicting a black guy in the middle of that mural, based upon who's president of the United States today and based upon the history of this community when I grew up, we had four black families - who I have been very good friends with for years - to depict the biggest picture on that building as a black person, I would have to ask the question, 'Why?'"
A correction at this point. The child depicted was a Latino boy. The next statement probably added gas to the fire:
"I'm not a racist by any stretch of the imagination, but whenever people start talking about diversity, it's a word I can't stand."
This Is What I Want to Say.

Well, maybe not. I can't use the words I want to because they are the same words I promised myself not to type in the blog. Came close though. WTF does not get near the words I wanted to use. I've tried typing this post six times and this is the best I can do.

I understand that words can hurt. Deeply. Whether you intended to or not. Words aimed at hurting children, children identities and self-esteem will generate straight up anger in me. It takes a bit of work to pull back.

I didn't want to pull back. Until I got my anger under control I couldn't write. It did help to see the actual citizens of Prescott stand up and say that what Blair and the principal did was wrong.

To Steve Blair, the Principal and the members of the community that drove by cussing at the artists:

Your words attacked people that couldn't fight back. The children.

The children came up the the design and the selection of the mural. You and your cohorts took that class and community project and crapped all over it. It wasn't political correctness that prompted that mural. It wasn't political at all.

It was a group of loving innocent children seeing a world that could be if we stupid adults would just be open to taking care of the planet.

These kids are the juice and cookie crowd. A good day has at least three knock-knock jokes. What did they know of your tea parties, talking points or hater of the week rhetoric?

Nothing. Not a damn thing. Somehow you took that innocence and mapped it to your own anger and frustrations. Politics is personal but goddamn it should not be vindictive; especially against children.

Congratulations. You've introduced them to racism, public ridicule and, as an added bonus, taken the intended message "Go Green with Transportation" and stomped it in the ground.

There isn't anything I could type to make you or others that think like you understand that community is much larger than your city borders. That love isn't depended on an external light upon the skin but the light within.

To The Rest of Us:

I was thinking of Fred Rodgers. Actually, a great dame name Kim Pearson reminded me that we need to affirm the children. My mind linked back to good old Fred, who had a heck of a lot more smarts and class than we do at the moment.

In the meantime, we can work on connecting with the better part of our adult selves.
We've got work to do. Let's get to it.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Silver Tongue on the Finally Friday Freakout

People underestimate the meaning of family and community. We are separated by body but we have connections to dozens of people, real and imaginary that we don't know.

When we hear of their passing we take a moment to say "Damn, really? I liked that person." Not that is not a bad thing to say.

It is far better to say that than "They can't dig deep enough to bury that SOB!"

Rue McClanahan lived to be 76 years old. Had a job on one of the best sitcoms on television as the sassy Blanche on Golden Girls. Reminded all of us that there is a chapter two, three and seven if you are willing to turn the page.

K.T. Oslen is another good old girl who sings the way that Blanche would appreciate. I think Rue would like it too. Yes, there are those among us who have fell for Silver Tongue and Gold Plated Lies but we scraped the dust off and kept on moving to better days.

We don't expect to go down this way but we will. With certain types of celebrities we know and don't know the real person.

Those of us who grew up with Gary Coleman knew he was a child actor. We knew that he got shanked in life by the financial mismanagement of people that should have known better or made an effort to do better.

To be honest, we culturally laughed at him. Sometimes we were confused at his attempt to earn a living. Some of us understood that he was doing the best he could under impossible circumstances. I think maybe his adult life was spent trying to find a place where he belonged.

But I don't know that. It is the Spackle I mental apply when don't know the totality of this man's life. I hope his last days were peaceful and happy.

The World Change A Little Bit But I'm Not Buying An iPad

I don't have much time. I was not supposed to see this video because it would make me crazy. I don't want an iPad. I don't need an iPad. And yet like a fool I watched it before going to work.

I think the iPad is a limited function device for me. I know it is. But the applications; God help me the applications are getting better all of the time. There are a whole bunch of them that will change how video is going to be produced and editing.

Publishing will change as well. This is a commercial from Wired magazine that I viewed on eBookNewser/MediaBistro. I'm not endorsing Wired or the application - I'm looking at the concepts presented.

Anyway, the real potential that I glimmered watching the commercial was the ability to tell multi-level stories. You can go down the rabbit hole and come up in an entirely new place.

Brain cells are popping about the new fiction forms that will be created.

Let me riff on a non-fiction use; lets say that you wrote a book about the movie Casablanca.
  • The entire book would be available hyperlinked to the other content.
  • You could embed the movie and historic interviews with the cast.
  • You could also have information about World War II and the events of the time.
  • You could have text and photos of what Paris was like under occupation.
  • You could show the script, show the models of the plane used in the final shot.
  • Ditto on the costumes.
  • Ditto on the lighting decisions and the techniques used.
Ah man, you could frigging re-design the concept of a documentary! I'm still not buying an iPad. It has got to grow up a little more. And I can't imagine that others vendors are just going to sit on the sidelines and get trounced and not respond.

Y'all keep telling me that free competition is good for the country. What are you waiting for?