Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dudes Still Don't Get It - Women Can Talk Tech

It continues to happen and short of wearing microchip pasties I don't know how much more we can do to help the fellas get a clue. Brick and mortar retail stores are still dissing women walking in to buy products and services. How stupid is that?

Answer, very. Beloved menfolk, we don't hate you; we hate the attitude that you assume all women do not know anything technical.

  • Yes, I can bake a cake. So can some men.
  • Yes, I can install my terabyte drive without help. So can some men.
  • Yes, I do know the difference between a Dual Core and Core Eight and really don't like it when you try to make me pay more for obsolete hardware.
  • No, I will not walk into your retail store to buy a computer because you ignore me unless I have a guy standing next to me. Even if I didn't know the difference between a Pentium and an i5 laptop does not mean you should not offer sales assistance to women.
I value my time and money so I shop on-line where my gender is not that important to the vendor. I've never been to the Consumer Electronics Show known as CES.

I'd like to go but the budget and time does not permit it. These are people who work and write for CNet. This is a pre-show about the possible stuff that will be presented like Smartphones, cars and aps. Not necessarily iPhone/iPad aps.

I want to hear about the Android Tablets. And e-Readers and hopefully tune in to some skivvy about the potential to convert an e-reader into a tablet or maybe some manufacturer will get a clue that there is a chunk of the population that would really gronk a quality under $200 tablet. Not a crappy one, a good one.

For those fellas in brick and mortar retail I don't want to tax you any more than is needed. A stretch a day is good.

Just sit back and listen. Get use to women talking about electronic goods and services. This is a basic general discussion but get use to the vocabulary and the fact that women are using these words.

It could profit you in the long term. Or not. The choice is yours.

P.S. I also would like to go to Photokina in Germany, SXSW and a bunch more and there are others just like me. Some women do shoes, some buy tech.

Respect us either way.

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