Monday, November 01, 2010

Poetry In Plain Sight - Jon Epstein

There are days you have to look at your own personal trash to know how far you have walked from it. A poem is a safe place to revisit personal hell and tribulations. This is Jon Epstein reading his poem, Eight Milligrams.

Today is the first day of National Videoblogging Posting Month. One of the reasons I started videoblogging was that I wanted to record people and places that were not being seen. It was the environments that I found myself in just being a regular person.

I'm not a high tech cadet. I buy what I the equipment that I can afford and make it work. Recording in existing light is challenging but this was what the camera saw on this day.

Un-adorned and no special effects.

As other media snort at user generated content they forget one small thing. They ignored whole segments of the population. They created a world in their own image.

That world never included me and my kind of people. It is a washed out pastel of the vibrancy in the real world.

My kind of people are the ones that are not celebrities or are objects of ridicule for profit.

We work or not.
We love or not but that love isn't contingent on body shape and size.
We exist outside of talking points and non-conference swag bags.
We, despite the demands of our daily lives, create.

Videoblogging is a reclamation of individuals being present and showing where they are at a given place in time.

Web video can be in support of poets and thinkers that do not need to yell to make their points. On the day of this recording, I heard Jon.

This is my Day 1 post for Vlomo10.


  1. What did you use to shoot the video?

  2. I have a Canon FS200 standard definition camcorder that I got on sale. The room is in a library with florescent lights.

    I bought is as a quick replacement to my beloved Kodak Zi6 HD camcorder. I'll problably buy myself a new HD gizmo in a few weeks.

  3. ah Tommy I knew him well... well done Epster.