Saturday, November 27, 2010

Poetry In Plain Sight - Bruce Williams

 I am not sure how older men see themselves. Well, I have glimmers. I think the image gets locked in at their best year and that is what they see from life forward.

I mention this because Bruce Williams has a great looking face. The white beard is working for him. He doesn't have the washboard abs that is being projected as the standard of male beauty and perfection. Bruce occupies a body well lived in that has stories and poems to share.

His poems are much like his beard, there is history in present and waiting if we would slow down and truly listen. If you would like more information Bruce has a book called The Mojave Road and Other Journeys that you can get at Tabotbach Press.

P.S. Have you tried to sleep with a washboard? I once again advocate going for comfort and not for speed. Pillow talk, not washboard abs talk y'know?

This is Day 27 of National Videoblogging Posting Month aka Vlomo10

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  1. Bruce past away last week from cancer. He wrote about cancer. we watched his wife die of cancer. It followed him, seeped into his poems. He and cancer had one last dance.