Friday, November 05, 2010

Le Petit Gonzales on the Finally Friday Freakout

We take a pause for the videoblogging cause on account I'm editing and trying to upload before midnight. This is the week that the republicans and tea party participants are celebrating.

Phase 1 on taking the country back. I never can get a straight answer as to where or back to. My guess is limited government. Limited social engagement and services. Less controls over the oppressed and downtrodden business class. Let me not forget the establishment of a Christian nation codified in some governmental documentation.

Even though the founding fathers said, "No." Yep. They were happy.

I was happy too because I live in California and almost everybody that was a Democrat got elected or re-elected. I don't think Carly has conceded the election to Barbara Boxer yet.


Anyway, this video is for those that want to go back in time and twist away any bi-partisan or communication ideas. I say twist and work that leg something crazy.

It is also an opportunity to observe one culture emulating creativity from another culture and making it their own.

For those of you on the TP tip twist and pretend that complicated issues can be solved with a red pen, no votes and a bible.

Go on, twist and make believe that establishing a stripped down government will make you all warm and fuzzy. We'll see how much you believe when your senator has a pork barrel project for your community and you will call for him to not push it through?

I don't think so.

Other Voices

The rest of y'all might want to check out Tim Wise post on the election and the long historical view.

It really is strong stuff. If you are tenderhearted person don't read it. If your spirit demands a loving and centered place do not read it.

If you however need to know what various people are talking about this is one of the items of conversation. I'm not condemning or endorsing.

I have to say that Tim's words had me all twisted up. For another perspective check out Mark Morfold's Letter to a Whiny Democrat at the SF Chronicle.

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