Friday, November 12, 2010

Being 52 - Seeing and Not Seeing

There are times when we are on automatic. We go shopping for stuff. Generally for the stuff we need but we are diverted by the stuff we want. Or think we want.

Or didn't know that we wanted it. Me, I go looking for what I haven't seen before and can tote home in a shopping bag. I don't want a painted Buddah or a tarted up angels.
But I did see that kitsch really does have a price tag.

This is a lemonade video on account that I didn't know that the iPod Nano will record 480 x 640 if I record in portrait mode.

This is my day 12 video for National Videoblogging Posting Month. Check out the rest of the folks via Twitter using hastag #Vlomo10. You can also find some of those rascals on YouTube

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