Saturday, November 13, 2010

Being 52 - The Old and the New are One and the Same

I was clearing space and trying to throw things away. I found an old toy digital camcorder with a 1GB card in it. It works like a Diana/Holga camera in that the imperfections can make interesting videos. This one had a kind of meditative quality to me.

Anyway, I had recorded a video crossing Suicide Bridge. Yes, it has earned the name but the city doesn't like the bridge referred to as such.

With millions of people acting like they have drunk the equivalent of 2 cans of Four Loko (fortified alcohol drink with an added shot of caffeine = a lot of alert dumbass drunk on hype people)we need a touchstone that reminds us that this too shall pass.

The poem is The Calming Thought of All by Walk Witman from his book Leaves of Grass that can be found at Project Gutenberg.

Project Gutenberg's goal is to publish all books in the public domain.

This is my day 13 video for National Videoblogging Posting Month

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