Thursday, November 04, 2010

Being 52 - Fizzies or Does Anything Really Go Away

I have to eat a bit of humble pie. I had finished the video yesterday but I looked at myself talking. I second and third guessed that maybe I should do this kind of video. This is counter to what I am telling other folks.

I'm not comfortable. I haven't found my public voice I tell myself. This is nonsense. Half the time you can't shut me up. It was the appearance thing.

I did not look pretty. Meaning slicked up. It really is embedded that women should not present themselves unless the are displaying physical and aesthetic perfection.

For who? Seriously.

Most of the people that watch know me. Those that don't might be curious. I am who I am and I know it.

Sometimes the internal critics aka haters slide up to you and have you re-thinking that perhaps you specifically should stay in hiding. Lay low. Don't be visible on the grid.

No, no and heck no. It does not matter. After a long day at work I wanted to tell the story about Fizzies. I don't need to adorne myself to tell you that story.

I do need to check if I have something up my noise or gunk on my lips but after that, I am who I am. With or without make-up. Which I don't wear. Mostly because of allergies but honestly, I'm just not in to it.

I may have to repeat this as a mantra or something. As a side note, BlogHer has a new project about Owning Your Beauty. I might have to take a remedial course or something. Read up on the back posts

After the women bashing year that is about to close we need support. It will not come from magazines, fashion houses or the latest diet goop. It will have to come from within.

This is my Day 4 for National Videoblogging Posting Month. To find other videos use the #Vlomo10 at Twitter.


  1. don't think I ever had fizzies. I remember long sherbet sticks (like long straws) though, but they were just for eating, not for putting into drinks
    cool to see they cycle happens for everything

  2. We had those too. There was a lot of regional candy companies that had candies and snacks for their specific area. Fizzies was one of the few at the time that was national.