Monday, November 15, 2010

Being 52 - A Burger Desire

I like really good hamburgers. I'll reconstruct the burger to make it right. I don't want mustard. I can tolerate fresh lettuce. A real tomato or nothing. I want onion rings, not chips of onion.

Pickles are optional. There is nothing quite as nice as a single burger from In-N-Out. No cheese. No fries required. Just a $1.75 burger.

I have had the Vanilla Shake with a burger. Made with real ice cream. It is thick. You'll need a spoon. I try not to order that more than once a month. Moderation of desire I guess.

So this is not only my homage to In-N-Out but to the time honored practice of animating photos.

I have to. Dang video codec jacked me up again. Part of my Thanksgiving will be spent re-building my system and clean out the cooties.

Being 52 is knowing what you want and not being swayed by other desires. It is also being ready to pull a bunny out of a hat when you have to make it happen. Steady on.

This is my day 15 video for National Videoblogging Posting Month aka Vlomo10

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