Saturday, September 25, 2010

Poetry In Plain Sight - Rosalee Thompson

This is Rosalee Thompson reading her poem, "Everyone Gets Everything".

Don Kingfisher Campbell has a poetry blog (who am I kidding, he has a bunch of poetry blogs) for the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly that he publishes. You can amble on over to check it out the poets listed in the Summer 2010 edition.

For the record, all of the poems are owned and copyrighted to the original poets. I encourage you to support poets and buy a chapbook or audio mp3 whenever you get a chance.

What Else Have I Got?

Well, this morning I was listening to a podcast by Muir Lafferty called "I Should Be Writing". It was show #150 and it was a good program. The first part of the show Muir talked about being honest with yourself about what you are doing. Actually that was around the 6:26 point in the show.

If writing, blogging or working with video has become a drag, don't do it. It is okay to lament about the process. Creation is not always fun. If you feel you work is important or you need to do it push on. If if feels like a ball peen hammer and there is no joy then set it aside.

It can be rewarding and satisfying once you complete it but you might hit a roadblock or two.

The second part of the show was two interviews with Tracy Hickman and Scott Sigler and they both talked about alternative paths of publishing and the need for a new look at traditional publishing.

This took the sting out of not being able to go back to sleep at 3:34a.m. in the morning.

We do have to look for alternative ways of getting creative work out beyond our closed communities. Not to mention being able to benefit from our work.

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