Monday, September 06, 2010

Poetry In Plain Sight - Marvin Dorsey

This is a holiday two for one deal folks on account that I ran out of money before I could buy Marvin's chapbook.

The first poem is titled A Warm Glow of Lust and the second poem is Do You Know What I Mean.

As a side note having nothing to do with Marvin's poem, I was watching a video the other day about a man who was not threatened by being the submissive receiver of affection by a woman.

There were no whips or leather involved. She was not a Drill Sargent of Love. It wasn't violent or a stereotypical displays of affection.

It was like it was all good to him and however was love and energy was being directed toward him was alright with him.

I'm getting the impression that isn't a common held sentiment among some men. That is too bad.

I'm not talking about full time dominion. It is more like every once in a while lay back and appreciate being enveloped in female energy. Or the other way around. It isn't always about the hunt.

For the 10% per folks translate to top and bottom, ying and yang or flip a coin.

Support A Poet or Two

If you could flip one day of your latte habit for a poetry chapbook I'm sure that Marvin and Don would greatly appreciate it.

Should you be heading out to a poetry reading help a poet out by purchasing a chapbook. If I were you I'd bring a bunch of one dollar bills. $10 would do fine but more money is always appreciated.

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